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Soft Wash or Pressure Wash?

Soft Washing is a process that uses a fine tuned mixture of chemicals to gently remove surface grime. It is the gentler approach to pressure washing. With this method, you never have to worry about paint chipping or damaging sensitive areas of your home. We recommend this type of service for roofs, decks, all types of siding and severely stained concrete or brick.

Pressure Washing uses very high water pressure to forcibly remove surface grime. We recommend this type of service for stone based surfaces, such as driveways, walkways, asphalt, brick and even decorative stone.

patio pressure wash soft wash brick stone


This was built up grime and stains that had been there for years.

chemical wash deck bricks stone


Using a mixture of soft washing and pressure washing we were able to get this looking new again!

pressure wash soft wash stone porch


Even the dirtiest of surfaces can come clean!

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